What is Terrus?

Terrus is a DApp (distributed app) on the Ethereum blockchain.

In Terrus, there are exactly one million plots of land like the one you can see here. They're located at co-ordinates between (0, 0) and (999, 999).

For a couple of dollars in Ether you can own one of these plots. Just find an unowned one and click the button at the bottom.

Terrus will be added to all the time - you'll be able to garden your plot, planting grass and creating water features from the dirt and stone, and you'll even be able to sell it on to other gardeners / collectors at your discretion.

I created it to show what you can do with a very simple Ethereum contract and get experience creating one. Buying a plot is a great way to support me in further technical writing at unwttng.com.

Have a browse, relax and meditate in any particularly fine plots you find.