New Year 2018

Hey; I added a blog to the site.

It's lighter and cleaner than the bulk of the site at, and will serve as a little place for me to update you on goings-on.

I'm writing today's post to talk a little about how I intend to work here and elsewhere in this new year.

As you'll know if you're a Patron, I make a promise not to charge for articles or guides written for the site more than once a month. In 2018 I want to solidify this promise in my own working practice by not actually aiming to write more than one guide a month. This will hopefully allow me to focus on just that one - there's always the danger of trying to get more than one long-form, researched and custom-coded piece out in a thirty day period and burning out. I'm also variously looking after a less-than-one-year-old baby and working a full time job, so I feel this is a realistic approach to take mentally.

I like to imagine and create other projects too. There's a huge list of potential ideas, things to learn and digital gifts to make and the usual problems that come with such a list: I start lots of projects, I don't release or finish many of them, and they build on my cognitive load. With that in mind, I'm taking a similar approach in this area - one project a month, at most. Other ideas or temptations during that month can go on the pile to be considered for next month, but a one-month-one-project policy is now in effect.

I'll let you know how it goes.