How Audio Compression Workscoming soon... maybe

Hi there, Jack here! You may remember me from the roaring success that was Compression Decompressed, an interactive guide to data compression.

Compression Decompressed

Learn about data compression with interactive pixel art and pictures of Barack Obama

Another piece I'd like to produce is a similar guide to the basics of audio compression: music, speech data, etcetera. However, I've had it on my plate for a little while now and am yet to find much energy to look into it. Since I write largely as a vector for learning myself, and because I enjoy it, I'm tabling this idea but leaving a public stub for it here.

I'll be working on another exciting guide to an unrelated topic. In the meantime if you sympathise but would really love to see the audio compression guide, please do let me know. If it looks like everyone's crying out for such a thing it'll help inform what I do in future. You can get me on Twitter via the footer.

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