Using coroutines for level progression in Unity
This post was originally written for press1 Games. I've recently been bringing Plurum's level direction up-to-scratch, and I've learnt a lot about C Sharp's Coroutines and their usefulness for orchestrating long-duration flows. Flows like, I dunno, the waves of an awesome tower defense game? The problem I'll take you through
Locke: friendly social-media content locking
I've just released a proof of concept page for Locke. Locke will be a clean, fast and easy to use REST API for site developers to create social-media based content locks and query their status. Check it out in action before reading on, with this demo portfolio. What's Locke? I'll
I'm on Patreon!
You guys know I make games now, right? Course you do! If not, have a little gander at press1 Games and my game Plurum. This is just a little update to let everyone know that I now have a Patreon set up! If you don't know what that is, Patreon
Parsing JSON files in Unity
Coming from a web development background, when faced with the challenge of loading maps into Plurum, I turned to JSON as a format. It's easily human-readable and it's simple. At least, it is in Javascript. Parsing it with C#? Not so much. But thankfully Unity have helped out on this
Colorlog, or, the URL as database and why you should care
I recently launched a little app named Colorlog. It was born from an urge to document my current travels around the world in some other way than meticulously writing down every event of my days in a diary. Some way personal, and emotionally powerful, and more... raw than that. The
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