async and await: what you might not know
A little while ago I introduced Javascript's new keywords, async and await, and discussed the existing problems and pain points within JS that they help us to address. I hope it's pretty clear that they really help us to address them. I also promised that I'd dig a little further
bleak is 1!
Not one year. Version 1! Over the last little while I've been revamping bleak (that's the Ghost blog theme that this blog uses, if you weren't aware. You probably were, though - it's written at the bottom of every single page because I'm just that vain). I'm happy to announce
Inline CSS to your Ghost theme with Grunt, for great AMP
I've been tinkering with the bleak Ghost theme recently, getting it ready with some cool new features for its version 1.0.0 release. Amongst those features is a bleak implementation for Ghost's new /amp pages (if you weren't aware, new versions of Ghost support AMP out of the box
Javascript's async and await - what problem do they solve?
Asynchronous code is one of Javascript's most powerful features and one of its hardest to manage pain points. We've come a long way, from callback functions through endless third-party promise implementations to a full first-class citizen Promise in ES2015: doAsyncThing(function (err, res) { if (!!err) { // Handle the error } doAnotherAsyncThing(res
voolt: my light and open source image saving service
I've been working on an app called voolt recently. Let me tell you about it! It's new and young and I'm just trying to show it to some people who might be interested. Alright what is it then At its heart, voolt is an image pinning / hosting app. Give it
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